We are a multidisciplinary art-and-design studio in which evocative narratives are embodied within expressive geometry. Evolving with time, our artistic sensibility melds the ceremonial with the organized, the axial with the primal, to craft a distinctive narrative in the realm of design and art.

We fervently explore the forerunning features of abstraction — form and color across a myriad of scales, from architecture of monumental proportion to intricate, even tiny, installations. Thus far Tang and Badham have concentrated on creating functional art objects such as lighting and furniture. These pieces, originating from diverse contexts, are reimagined and recontextualized, thereby transforming familiar landscapes into novel, more-compelling ones.

We are passionately engaged in all present cultural discourse to fuel our constant pursuit of freshness. This relentless quest is integral to the path we forge.

As we embark on each new project, we carry with us the insights previously earned, while approaching each new project informed by our dedicated pursuit of childlike curiosity, constantly redefining our perspectives and setting aside any dogmas we identify. In this way, Tang Badham remains a fluctuating, ever-evolving testament to the primal power embedded in all of us, of creative exploration and the desire to capture a moment of the frenetic present through which we move.